• Experts Discuss Proven Strategies for Companies to Future-Proof Supply Chain

    6 days ago

    ​Thank you to all attendees for joining our panel of industry experts to discuss how companies are future-proofing the supply chain. Earlier this summer, DSJ Global hosted a Virtual Panel Discussion that covered the topic “Looking Forward, How Companies are Future-Proofing the Supply Chain.” We invited supply chain professionals to hear insights from industry experts on solu...

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  • Global Job Confidence Index 2021

    about 1 month ago

    ​​The annual DSJ Global Job Confidence Index aims to measure the beating heartbeat of the Supply chain and procurement labor market, their confidence in the economy, securing or finding a job, compensation and bonus, flexible working patterns, and whether the bull-bear factors in employment have altered.

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  • The Post-Pandemic Workplace

    3 months ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​As many businesses are finally reopening their doors, the supply chain and procurement workplace will be virtually unrecognizable. What short and long-term impact will the pandemic have on the workplace? How will these changes affect talent? While the global pandemic will inevitably result in long term transformations to the form and function of the workspace, the short ter...

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  • Talent Moves: Locate and Relocate

    4 months ago

    ​​Workforce flexibility, employee wellbeing, and the rise of technology dominated talent topics last year and continues to be a focal point for 2021. There is a discussion concerning talent mobility that, in many ways, may have been swept under the carpet on the back of the global health crisis. This raises the question, has the pandemic halted the movement of talent through...

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  • 2020 Reflections: Looking Back to Move Forward

    8 months ago

    ​It’s tempting to enter 2021 with blind optimism, eager to put the challenges of 2020 behind us. However, to learn as much as possible from the adversities we all faced last year, we’d like to suggest that we begin 2021 with a brief period of reflection.

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  • The Work-Life Rebalance

    12 months ago

    ​​We are at a crossroads. The health and wellbeing of the workforce has never been more closely intertwined with the state of the economy.The public health crisis caused by Covid-19 has forced operational change and reflection on the way that people organize and work. Global lockdowns have meant that many companies have shifted to remote working – where they are able to – re...

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  • Global Job Confidence Index 2020

    about 1 year ago

    ​What is the global supply chain workforce thinking? Professionals are agonizing over career decisions. Is my job secure? Should I stay with my current employer? Is this a unique opportunity to get ahead?  Meanwhile, employers are trying to predict and create the future. Is our workforce secure? Will downsizing affect our ability to innovate out of the crisis? Is this a uniq...

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  • Beyond Covid-19: Strategies to Future-Proof Supply Chains and Your Business

    over 1 year ago

    ​​A resilient supply chain ensures existence. Today, we are facing an uncertain business environment, driven by climate change, social upheaval, economic downturns, and resource shortages, whose waters have been further disturbed by an unprecedented public health care crisis.  Of course, external risks will always come into the picture, but  Covid-19 has shown that many supp...

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  • Talent Across Supply Chain During Covid-19 – The Industry and Functional Impact  

    over 1 year ago

    There is no denying that the recent implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global economy create an environment few (if any) have seen before. Whilst the global financial crash of 2008 and the Oil Glut of 2014 created shockwaves economically, they were compartmentalised to some extent within their geographic or industrial sectors.The interesting aspect of Covid-19 is t...

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  • The unique role of the supply chain industry in the COVID-19 pandemic

    over 1 year ago by Veronique Martial-Gritter

    ​As travel restrictions are causing flights and trains to be cancelled and social distancing measures are bringing regular life as we know it to a halt in many regions, some industries are hit particularly hard by the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. Travel and tourism, hospitality and producers of luxury goods and non-essential items are facing tough times. Demand in many...

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  • How to Recruit More Women into Supply Chain Management

    over 1 year ago by Olivia McNeilis

    ​It’s not news that supply chain has a diversity problem. What makes it all the more pressing is the compound impact caused by a mounting talent crisis. Though increased attention has been drawn to both issues, our recently published study reveals that the need for progress remains. When companies go to market to recruit, their processes are turning off many female candidate...

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  • Advancing Women of Colour in STEM

    almost 2 years ago by Colin Higgins

    ​90% of CEOs report that diversity is a top business priority, yet the dial towards progress has hardly moved in recent years. A 2017 survey by Supply Chain Insights found that 72% of respondents identified as male and 57% identified as Caucasian.In this guide, we explore the current ‘state of the union’ for women in colour in STEM-related fields and the underlying processes...

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  • Driving Diversity in End-to-End Supply Chain

    almost 2 years ago by Olivia McNeilis

    ​Women only fill 15% of senior positions in end-to-end supply chain despite making up 37% of the workforce, according to a report from Gartner. How we can we address this imbalance and drive diversity forwards? By demonstrating that gender diversity a commercial imperative - and business leaders agree. A report by McKinsey & Company found that 90% of CEOs said they prior...

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  • Sourcing is a Science

    almost 2 years ago by Charlotte Hinrichs

    ​As the web of global procurement continues to expand and evolve, so too are the methods used to obtain parts, supplies, and services at optimal price points. Gone are the days of instinct or precedent that made the job somewhat predictable and stable; today’s sourcing specialists must have skills, both tangible and intangible, to help their companies improve their bottom li...

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  • Promoting Successful CMO Collaboration in the Life Sciences Industry

    almost 2 years ago by Charlotte Hinrichs

    ​As the life sciences industry transitions towards complex biopharmaceuticals and highly customized devices and treatments for patients, supply chain operations is also becoming increasingly complex. In the recent report, Dare To Be Different: It’s time to revamp collaboration in life sciences contract manufacturing[1], Accenture describes how life sciences companies and con...

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  • How will China’s surging R&D investment impact hiring?

    about 2 years ago by Charlotte Hinrichs

    ​​In 2018, China’s corporate spending on research and development (R&D) surged by 20%. While PwC reported that Chinese companies spend on R&D grew the most globally in the 12 months to June 2018, at an increase of 34%. However it’s being measured, one thing is clear: Chinese firms are investing heavily in R&D and are almost to the point of parity (in terms of spe...

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  • The US China Trade War’s Impact On APAC Supply Chain

    over 2 years ago by Charlotte Hinrichs

    ​This article is continually updated as changes occur during the trade war.The supply chain and procurement industry in 2019 has so far been marked by the escalating trade war between the world’s two largest economies, the US and China, with each country imposing escalating tariffs on the other. Despite a 90-day ceasefire reached at the G20 summit, stakeholders all along the...

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  • How changes to the Automotive industry is affecting procurement

    over 2 years ago by Charlotte Hinrichs

    ​The automotive industry is on the cusp of major disruption. On the horizon are mass-produced electric vehicles fully connected to the Internet of Things, perhaps even ones that drive themselves. On-demand vehicles could change the way people own or rent cars, much in the same way streaming services disrupted audio and video. Therefore, many argue it is crucial auto industry...

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  • Supply Chain Management in 2019: The Impact of AI

    over 2 years ago by Charlotte Hinrichs

    ​Artificial Intelligence is becoming more commonplace in people’s daily lives than ever before. From ‘smart replies’ in email at the click of a button (‘Thanks!’, ‘Let’s do it!’) in response to your email content, chatbots so accurate you think you’re speaking with a real person, to Google’s algorithm of course, using machine learning from previous searches to show you the ‘...

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  • Sourcing Challenges in 2019

    over 2 years ago by Charlotte Hinrichs

    ​AI/IoT integrationThe digital transformation is well underway and AI/IoT seems poised to bring revolutionary change to procurement. However, the road will not be easy as the technology is still in its early stages of use; according to Harvard Business Review, just 7% of manufacturers are using it to automate production activities and AI has not been widely adapted in SCM. T...

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