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Europe Salary Survey Report

Posted on November 2023

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A comprehensive overview of salaries, compensation, and career motivations across Europe’s end-to-end supply chain industry.

As the world navigates geopolitical tensions, rising inflation, weak consumer consumption, and high business overheads, it’s never been more important for end-to-end supply chain organisations to have the right talent in place. And to do that, having the latest salary and compensation movements is vital.

For professionals, knowing their worth and understanding the compensation packages available to them is essential as they become increasingly sought-after.

That’s why DSJ Global has engaged with nearly 900 supply chain professionals across Europe to uncover their current salaries, bonuses, and benefits packages, and what drives them to seek new career opportunities.

Whether you’re a hiring manager or industry professional, discover valuable insights and benchmarks to guide you in your decision-making in this exclusive report, including:

  • The latest data on base salaries, pay increases, and bonuses for Europe’s supply chain professionals

  • Additional compensation insights on benefits packages, leave, and flexible working

  • Top push and pull factors for professionals contemplating new career opportunities

  • Key counter offer considerations for businesses and professionals

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