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How to navigate a difficult job market

Posted April 2020

It comes as no surprise that Covid-19 is dominating the European supply chain market in 2020.

While some industries like pharma, medical device, packaging and food businesses as well as logistics services are experiencing unforeseen surges in demand, other industries are hard-hit economically. So, as international markets and the global economy are being shaken up, an uncertain economic outlook is causing increased unemployment and an overall tough market to be in when you're searching for a new job or thinking about the next step in your career.

Whether you are actively looking for a new job or have decided to move, we have put together this guide to help supply chain and procurement professionals navigate these challenging times. Read on to discover how to hide, move or target to get your desired job without lingering for too long on the market.

This 16-page guide includes:

  • The benefits of going back to school and how to future-proof your skillset

  • Opportunities for supply chain and procurement professionals in other industries and the public sector

  • How to successfully identify, target and get your desired job

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