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  • Energy crisis along the value chain – Four companies on the road to sustainability

    9 months ago

    ​​DSJ Global discovered how four companies are saving energy and reducing emissionsRising prices, persistent inflation – what affects private households burdens the supply chain industry to an even greater extent. While energy-saving measures used to be simply related to a company's own Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and sustainability strategy to reduce its carbon footpr...

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  • Addressing the UK Energy Crisis: Embracing Sustainability

    10 months ago

    The United Kingdom is currently facing an energy crisis, a situation that has far-reaching implications for various sectors, including supply chains. The depletion of fossil fuel reserves, closure of aging power plants, and overreliance on imported natural gas have strained the nation's energy infrastructure. Factors like extreme weather events and limited investment in new ...

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  • Should your business offer flexible working? Talent experts at DSJ Global advise

    11 months ago

    The adoption of flexible working has increased over the last few years as technological advancements make it easier to work from anywhere at any time. This has left many companies facing the question of whether to embrace flexible working on a permanent basis. Can the future be flexible in the supply chain industry, and do companies need to offer it to attract and retain the...

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  • How to Avoid Bias in Job Descriptions

    11 months ago

    There is overwhelming evidence that companies with diverse workforces perform better on every possible metric, with diversity positively impacting every level of a business, from the cleaning staff to the board of directors. Bringing in as many perspectives, working styles and experience as possible to a workplace leads to integration, success and growth to those businesses ...

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  • Do Employers Interview the Best Candidate First?

    12 months ago

    ​When it comes to interviews, there's always a debate about whether being the first or last candidate interviewed is beneficial. We'll explore the strategies behind scheduling interviews and whether employers typically interview the best candidate first.Do Employers Interview Best Candidate First?There is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether employers interview the best ca...

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    Interviewing Best Candidates First
  • The Impact of Flexible Working

    12 months ago

    ​Assessing the adoption of flexible working in the supply chain industrySince its introduction to the masses, flexible working has revolutionized the world of employment. As the demand for supply chain professionals continues to grow worldwide, strategies to facilitate flexible and remote working have become essential in attracting and retaining top-tier talent.For man...

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  • The Case for Sustainable Business Practice

    about 2 years ago
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  • Global Job Confidence Index 2021

    over 2 years ago

    ​​The annual DSJ Global Job Confidence Index aims to measure the beating heartbeat of the Supply chain and procurement labor market, their confidence in the economy, securing or finding a job, compensation and bonus, flexible working patterns, and whether the bull-bear factors in employment have altered.

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  • The Virtual Recruitment Landscape: Reset and Reboot

    almost 3 years ago

    ​The historical events of the past year made most firms pivot and re-evaluate their talent acquisition processes. Despite the resetting of traditional workplace rules, on the back of many businesses continuing to limit travel and in-person collaboration, what can be said for the virtual recruitment landscape then?​At DSJ Global, a subsidiary brand of the Phaidon Internationa...

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