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How to Look Beyond the CV to Find the Right Talent

Posted on November 2019

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​If you find your inbox flooded with CVs which don’t quite fit the requirements of your role within the UK procurement and supply chain sector, think twice before clicking that ‘delete’ button. Though it is tempting to discard the CVs which don’t reflect your job requirements, you may be missing out on passionate and enthusiastic potential employees who could add long-term value or fresh ideas to your company.

Looking beyond the CV and using new hiring strategies can help you locate candidates which may be a perfect cultural fit for your company, or find an adaptable candidate who may even have a lot of potential for leadership within your business.

Use this resource when hunting for your next employee to help you look beyond the basic CV to find out more about a candidate’s personality, passions and cultural fit within your company. This will help you make smarter hiring decisions.