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How to Leave Your Job Without Burning Bridges

Posted on November 2019

Colleagues applauding woman

​Landing a new role within the UK procurement and supply chain sector and advancing your career is certainly a cause for celebration! But before you pop the champagne, you need to consider the tricky subject of how you are going to tell your former employer you’re on your way out of the door.

After securing an exciting new role, it may be tempting to leave your current role in a ‘blaze of glory’ and tell your current boss exactly what you think of them when handing in your notice, but it pays to refrain. When your manager asks you for feedback on why you are leaving, it may be a better approach to remain vague, and leave your role in a professional and dignified manner which leaves your fragile professional reputation in tact.

This guide both outlines the dangers of burning bridges when leaving a role, and provides tips on what to do to ensure you quit your job on the best and most helpful note possible.