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How to Survive a Marathon Interview Process

Posted on October 2019

Person running up steps

​When hiring for a senior or technical role, companies within the busy UK procurement and supply chain sector will be seeking to make a smart and informed hiring decision as the sector evolves and keeps up with emerging technologies and the meteoric rise of ecommerce. This has inspired a growing trend of conducting an all-day interview during recruitment cycles.

This involves a day where candidates will go through multiple interviews through the course of a day with several department heads or stakeholders. This is useful for getting a 360 view of the candidate, alongside being a great opportunity for a candidate to learn as much as possible about their potential employer.

These interviews can be a long and gruelling process, and it is vital to prepare yourself for waves of fatigue and mental exhaustion during the day. This survival guide will guide you through what to do to prepare for an all-day interview, and what to expect on the day itself.