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The Five Soft Skills Needed for Remote Working

Posted on May 2020

Working-from-home will likely last long after the Covid-19 pandemic has passed. While remote working was already on an upward trend before, it was certainly not the norm. In 2018, only 5.2% of people across the European Union would regularly work from home and in the UK that number was even lower (4.4%). As government lockdowns required most workers to stay inside and work from home, many businesses, especially in the end-to-end supply chain sector have had to adapt.

This forced organizational shift may change the very nature of work forever, as many employees have found they enjoy avoiding the commute and spending more time with their family. Moreover, many employers can no longer object to remote working as unfeasible. Already, employees are asking if working-from-home is completely out of the question when the world returns to some version of normality. In fact, 68% of UK workers say they are more or equally productive at home.

As expectations change, current and prospective employees will need to prove working-from-home is a valid long-term option. Download this 19-page guide to discover the five soft skills you will need to succeed and how to improve them.

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